Plastic Welding Machine

Plastic Welding Machine

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Other Details:

  • Insert Embedding a metal component (such as a screw insert) in a performed hole in a thermoplastic part. High strength, reduced molding cycles and rapid installation with no stress build-up are some of the advantages.
  • Riveting: It is an assembly method which uses the controlled melting and reforming of a plastic stud to capture or lock another component usually of a different material.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine
Technical Specifications
Model UWM 2022 UWM 2018 UWM 2012 UWM 2010 UWM 1542 UWM 1526 UWM 1522 UWM 2810 UWM 28-8 UWM 28-6 UWM 36-8 UWM 36-6 UWM 40-6 UWM 40-4
Input Power 2200W 1800W 1200W 1000W 4200W 2600W 2200W 1000W 800W 600W 800W 600W 600W 400W
Frequency 20KHz 15KHz 28KHz 36KHz 40KHz
Input Voltage 220V AC 5A
Oscillation system Auto-stimulating
Output time 0.01-99S
Pressure 1-7 Bar
Welding Pressure 2-5Kgs/cm2
Net weight 110Kg 90Kg